The new-look of Asana: Analysing their branding redesign

by Clara Costa

Asana is a platform for projects and team management. His first version was released in 2011 and, four years later, they have decided that it was time to make a redesign both on its platform and its visual identity. Asana has made this redesign in collaboration with Moving Brands.

Logo Asana

Why a redesign?

According to themselves, the brand image they had been constructing did not reflect their way of being, their way of thinking. The identity was grey, dull and very formal. His logo, so far, did not symbolize anything clearly.

UI Asana

This need for change has resulted in a full redesign not only of the logo itself but of the entire platform, having as a main result an improvement of the brand image and the user experience of its application.

Our opinion

We are facing a necessary and accurate redesign. It is a maturity gesture of the brand and a commitment to move forward and to grow.

If what they were looking was to distance themselves from the image of gray and boring enterprise software, and to become a nice and sympathetic brand that helps teams to get the best out of themselves, they have succeeded.

They have designed a symbol that represents their values, and they have achieved it with a friendlier –and not so aggressive– typography and warmer and more vibrant colours. The three points of the new symbol represents teamwork in perfect balance and harmony. In the end, the mission of Asana, as they say themselves, is to help you and your team to do great things together.

Colors corporatius

Learn more about the redesign process explained by themselves in the Story Behind Asana's Rebrand

Redisseny Asana
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