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The challenge

Bold is a product design and manufacturing business for the aerospacial and motorsport markets. They have 10+ years of experience and their founder wanted to go one step further with the brand so they could have a solid and professional corporate identity.

Projecte Bold Valuable Tech
Logo de Bold en blanc
More about the branding project

Redesigning the brand to a more professional and solid one

Innovation, technology and future were three of the main concepts that had to be reflected in the new graphic identity.

We created a robust logo, using a strong sans serif font in capital letters to also reinforce the idea of the brand name itself: Bold. We wanted the brand to look modern but also technical and professional.

The colour palette we defined was based on bright, vibrant versions of blues and reds. We also used gradients so that the logo had a three-dimensionality effect. This would give it a more dynamic and tecnhological look.

Branding per Bold Valuable Tech

After we developed the graphic identity, Bold needed a new website that reflected their knowledge and services.

One step further

A futuristic style website to fit into the tech sector

Our next challenge was to redesign Bold's website according to the new graphic identity. The client asked us for a simple and practical site to support him when making new contacts with potential customers.

With this new design we wanted to find a balance between design and functionality. We wanted to create a website that stood out in the tech business and looked professional and serious.

Branding per Bold Valuable Tech

The new graphic identity is also reflected in the promotional graphic material we’ve designed. This documents are used in events and fairs.

Branding per Bold Valuable Tech
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