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The challenge

Compoxi was born when the members of the Spanish delegation of Airborne Composites decided to separate from the parent company. In this context they needed to create a brand from scratch and explain to their customers the evolution they had decided to make.

Compoxi es dedica als materials compòsits

For this project we started completely from scratch, with a brand that had yet to be born. We started working with their naming and their new branding. They needed a new look & feel that identified them and a website to show the world what they do and who they are.

Logo Compoxi
Compoxi brand font
Instal·lacions de Compoxi
Creating the brand

An identity that recreates the characteristic elements of the composite materials

Compoxi develops products with composite materials, such as carbon fiber. We created a naming that identified the brand with its sector. We used the word ending -poxi (which comes from epoxy resin, with which composite materials are made) and the word composite itself.

When designing the brand, we followed the same premise. We designed the symbol recreating the carbon fiber weave. The perfect detail to create a cool yet technical logo.

Compoxi stamp
Paleta de colors de la marca
Logo de Compoxi en negatiu

We created a website to explain what Compoxi offers. At the same time it had to show the background of a brand that was new but had a team with a huge experience.

Símbol de Compoxi
Copywriting per Compoxi
Il·lustració sobre els mercats en els que treballa Compoxi

Compoxi works in different markets: aerospacial, aeronautic or industrial. Their products have arrived up to 107 millions of kilometres from the Earth, but you can also find them in your everyday life. And that’s what we illustrated in their website, the long journey of their products.

Web Compoxi
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