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2015 - Present date

The challenge

Since 2015 we collaborate with Creative Signatures in digital projects regarding web design, graphic design and email marketing. In 2017 we redesigned their website to make it more usable, responsive and beautiful.

Cursos online de cuina amb Creative Signatures
Logo Creative Signatures

Creative Signatures is an e-learning platform that offers online cooking lessons by some of the best Spanish and Catalan chefs and culinary experts. When you're a 100% online business having a great website and email marketing strategy is key.

Disseny web responsive
Disseny web per dispositius mòbils
Disseny web per Creative Signatures
Taking care of the user experience

Learn to cook online wherever you are

The redesign of Creative Signature’s website was very significant. The old website didn’t adjust to the needs of the new user who now wants to learn through mobile devices.

This new redesign was a huge step. It allowed new users to learn cooking online no matter where they are and no matter the device they use. A responsive site became key for the e-learning platform.

Exemple disseny selector de preus
Disseny d'iconografia
Disseny gràfic per Creative Signatures

For the new website we designed an accessible and easy-to-use payment gateaway as well as a course finder so that users can easily find the content or chefs they want to learn from.

Disseny UI de la pàgina de checkout
More about this project

Boosting lessons through email marketing

We also provide Creative Signatures of brand new email designs every week. These campaigns aim to get traffic to the web through the launch of new courses, flash offers and promotions.

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