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Directia Travel


Web design · Copywriting


2016 - 2020

The challenge

We started working with Directia Travel in 2016, when they needed a redesign for their website. We've been working together for 5 years focusing on their branding, copywriting, web design and the product design of their management platforms.

Directia Travel està especialitzat en destins asiàtics

Directia Travel is an online travel agency specialised in Asia. Having a usable, fast and trustworthy website is essential for a business that works 100% online.

Animació Directia Travel
Viatges a Vietnam, un dels destins en els que treballa Directia Travel
From users to travellers

Web redesign: usability and conversion rate

One of the projects we’ve worked on with Directia Travel is their web redesign. They are a 100% online travel agency so it is vital for them to have an intuitive, usable, modern, fast and trustworthy website.

The goals of the web redisign were three: 1) modernise the global aesthetic 2) update their copywriting to a more direct and friendly tone, and 3) convert traffic into leads.

We redesigned the website to highlight their wide offer of destinations and tours. And we also designed a clear and useful quote form to generate leads.

Much more than words

Bringing value to travellers through content

Directia Travel’s blog has two goals: be a powerful positioning SEO tool and, at the same time, bring value to customers. We post useful information to help the user in the decision-making process. It is also a great way to show Directia Travel’s expertise in the destinations they send travellers to.

The content creation (a service that we currently offer in Catalan and Spanish languages) is a key element in the SEO strategy of Directia Travel. The content is created after a previous keyword research and the content is written taken this into account.

Il·lustració per Directia Travel
Paleta de colors web
Disseny web per Directia Travel
Going further

Branding for a business that makes you travel

We have developed the current Directia Travel branding, based on an already predefined logo. With a new palette of colors and graphic style we seek to convey the freshness and modernity that a young and 100% online company needs.

The inspiration for the colour palette had to be, of course, the turquoise waters of the South-East Asia sea.

Branding per Directia Travel
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