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The challenge

ECO_VITA is a fair about sustainability and environment organized by the City Council of Riells i Viabrea. A fair that involves producers, companies and citizens from all over Montseny (in the north of Barcelona).

The City Council of Riells i Viabrea asked us to create the naming, branding and graphic design for this new fair which was about to take place for the first time.

La natura i els petits productos, eix central de la fira
Material gràfic per la fira ECO_VITA

The environmental fair of Montseny

ECO_VITA arose from two concepts that explain and help to understand the nature and purpose of the fair. On the one hand, eco refers to all practices that aim to care for the environment. On the other hand, vita (which means life in Latin) represents life and the values associated with respect for the environment. Those who defend these values do so because they believe that a better life and future is possible if we all take care of the environment.


Linking concepts

The concept from which we developed the logo and the whole brand was that nature equals life. The more we take care of nature, the better we will live. With the logo we strengthened this bond; a bond that the fair wants to make even stronger.

And from this same concept we also created the tagline “La natura és vida” (“nature is life”) that reinforces both the naming and the values of the fair.

Paleta de colors Ecovita

A palette of colours that evokes nature, ecology and sustainability. Green and earthy tones where our inspiration but we went one step further choosing a range of colours which had an organic look. This would help ECO_VITA to be seen as an eco-friendly fair.

Disseny plànol fira ECO_VITA
One fair, multiple needs

The three main areas of the fair

Each edition of ECO_VITA aims to be about one specific topic environment-related. But there are three main areas that will be a part of each edition: recycling, renewable energies and KM0 production. Each of this areas is represented with its own version of the logo:

Logotips família ECO_VITA

Organic, worn textures and greenish and earthy colours are key to design a whole visual identity for the fair.

Il·lustració ECO_VITA
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