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The challenge

Medplaya is a chain-hotel with hotels throughout the Catalan coast, Benidorm and Costa del Sol. They needed to create a new brand for their youngest guests: kids. That’s how Medkids began.

Nen jugant a la piscina
Logotip, marca i colors corporatius per medkids

This brand was meant to concregate all the activities organised for children which were held in the hotels. At the same time, it also had to appeal youngsters, always having in mind the essence of the parent brand: Medplaya.


Meddy, the friendly mascot of Medkids

Altogether with illustrator Max Saladrigas we created a new mascot to be the new image for Medkids. MedPlaya once already had a mascot based on a starfish so we thought it would make perfect sense to create a new character based on a starfish.

This mascot had to be able to be turned into a costume easily so it could be used by hotel entertainers. Having a human-like starfish also helped us create a wide range of versions of Meddy that represented the activities that take place in the hotels: playing football, tennis table, going to the swimming pool and so on.

The evolution of the project

MedTeens, the youngsters version

After Medkids we created MedTeens, its counterpart brand but focused on teenagers. The challenge here was to create a brand that in a way resembled Medkids. But at the same time it had to fit the aesthetics of young adults and leave behind its childish side.

Marca MedTeens per adolescents

Last but not least, we were asked to create a badge that grouped all the family activities that take place in any of their hotels. This was called MedPlaya Family. Medplaya Family had to somehow remind of the new brand, Medkids. And that’s why we used Meddy’s starfish to create the badges.

Segell Medplaya Family
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