Digital Design


2018 - Present


The challenge

Compoxi was born when separating from Airborne Composites. In this context, we had to create a new brand and explain this evolution to clients.

Logotip de Compoxi en negatiu

Overview of the project

Compoxi was born when the partners of the Spanish delegation of Airborne Composites decided to separate from the parent company. We needed to build a robust brand and explain to clients the evolution of the company. As for the brand, we started from scratch. There was a need to differentiate Compoxi from the parent brand. To become independent.

We started with the naming and then the full brand identity. We created a new and unique identity for Compoxi and a website that shows who they are and their origins.

Manual de marca de Compoxi
Paleta de colors corporatius
Tipografia corporativa del projecte d'identitat de marca

An identity that recreates composites

Compoxi develops products with composite materials, such as carbon fiber. We created a naming that allowed us to place the brand within this sector. By using the ending -poxy (which comes from the epoxy resin, with which composite materials are made) we achieved this link.

When designing the brand, we continued with the same premise. We designed the symbol by recreating the carbon fiber weave. The perfect detail to create a logo that’s friendly and approachable, yet technical and professional at the same time.

Instal·lacions de Compoxi al Parc Científic i Tecnològic de Girona
Copywriting per Compoxi

A website that aims to show the broad experience and background of Compoxi's team

Compoxi works in different markets: from space, aeronautics or industrial. Their products have reached up to 107 million kilometers away from Earth, but we also find them in our day-to-day lives. We illustrated this long journey with this graphic.