Mallol – Solar Protection





The challenge

To create a new website aligned with the repositioning of the brand. Mallol was known, until then, as an awning company. But they wanted to go further, also with their website, and show that they are much more than that.

Overview of the project

Mallol is a sun protection company founded in 1926. We created an experiential website in which, through the design and the copy, the user understood that often, having sun protection elements means giving new life to a space. An awning, a pergola, a sail or an enclosure can make a useless space useful.

Disseny web minimalista per Mallol
Disseny web per Mallol

The easiness to request a quote

The Contact page is usually a very forgotten part of websites, despite its great importance. But we wanted to give it the importance it deserves. Asking for a quote or contacting Mallol is a fluid, clear and simple process. This makes the user experience smooth, and facilitates contact between Mallol and its potential customers.

A century-old brand with a 21st century website

With the design, we wanted to create a clean web, that breathes. We implemented subtle animations to make it more dynamic and modern. The website is also ready so that Mallol can easily update it with new projects. 

Disseny web responsive, que s'adapta a disposiitus mòvils

A website that, since its launch, has evolved with many new features

Since the website was launched in 2021, we have been Mallol’s trusted partner when it comes to implementing new features on the website. We have created new features such as a landing page configurator, the design of an appointment system or new pages.

Disseny UI/UX per una aplicació per demanar cita
Disseny dels components d'una aplicació web
Disseny UI/UX i design system per Mallol