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Hello! We're Clara and Isaura. The creative duo behind Knüt.

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Hi 👋 I'm Isaura!

My motto is to infinity and beyond! Why so cheesy, you might be wondering. Because I love challenges, I aim to go further and make a difference. I use design, creativity and branding to create memorable experiences.

8 fun facts about me

🌍 I’m from Reus, a city in the south of Catalonia (41.1561° N 1.1069° E)
💉 Design is in my DNA
🖥️ HTML, CSS… they’re my secret love
📚 A book about typography makes the perfect gift for me
📷 I like carrying the camera with me everywhere
🤤 I love cooking –and eating, of course!
🧡 Orange Is The New Black and Friends are a must-watch for me
🏆 I got the Best Student diploma at University

Hi 👋 I'm Clara!

One might say that I’m a branding-specialist and designer. But don’t you think that’s too much? Let’s make it easier: I work relentlessly to find creative solutions (and not to bring you trouble) and help your business.

8 fun facts about me

🌍 I’m from Girona, a city in the north of Catalonia (41.9831° N 2.8249° E)
✍️ I’m left-handed
☯ For me, utility and design are the perfect match
🤷‍♀ The best creative ideas I have usually come in the most unexpected moments
🔪 I’d never miss an episode of Killing Eve
🍣 I love international food –but Catalan cuisine too!
🇮🇹 I hope to learn Italian someday
💪 I also got the Best Student diploma at University! 
Let's go back to the start

How did it all began?

We founded Knüt studio back in 2015. Isaura quit her job –she worked in an agency in Barcelona– to start her own business. Clara (that’d be me!) was fighting day after day in the freelancers jungle.

We left everything to start Knüt, our own branding and web design studio located in the heart of Girona. If we have to be honest… Our parents thought this was a crazy idea.

But here we are, some years later, working on incredible projects! 💪
What does working with us mean? 👇

01 Fast as the wind replies

We know responses don’t have to take ages. And we also know it is not cool to have to deal with middlepeople. You’ll directly talk to us and we promise to get back to you very soon.

02On-time deliveries

Is there anything more annoying that hoping to launch your project but being unable to because of the agency/studio you’re working with? This happens more often that you might expect. But with us on time deliveries are guaranteed. There’ll never be surprises.

03Less is more

Why us and not some big fancy agency? Because we get quality results with fewer resources. Huge agencies need to pay for big working spaces and a lot of employers. This always means a lot of zeros in the quote they’ll send you!

04Full commitment

A well-done job is a success for everyone, both for you and also for us. We fully commit with every project so we can all be over the moon and proud of the results.
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But we’re not the only ones saying that. Check out our clients reviews!

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