How to disconnect from work on vacation? 7 Tips

by Knüt Team

Is it impossible for you to disconnect completely from work during the holidays? You suddenly get an email from a colleague or supplier, a customer's text message, a call from work while you are on the beach... It is not always easy to say enough to the routine!

We all need free time to completely disconnect from work. Time to do what we want, whether it is going to the beach, to the cinema, travel or just be lying on your couch doing anything. It's the only way you'll come back to work even happier, more relaxed and with extra energy to be more productive.

If it is difficult for you to disconnect from work, here are seven essential tips that will be useful for you to disconnect during the holidays.

Send an email to customers, colleagues or suppliers before leaving for holidays

A simple email will make it possible for everyone to have in mind that you will not be available for a few days. Let them know when you will return and that it won't be until then that you're available again.

Set up an automatic reply message in the email

If you want everyone who writes you to know that you're not available and that you cannot reply them, set up an automatic reply in your email telling them that you'll answer when you come back.

Try not to leave anything to do before leaving

Do not leave any pending issues with anyone. Try to be decisive in your last days before holidays so you leave everything done. If you don't do so you'll spend the whole holidays thinking about that matter that you left without finishing.

Decouple your email from your cellphone

Some of us can't help reading e-mails, even if we're in the middle of the mountain or sunbathing near the beach. The best way to avoid so is decoupling your mail from your cellphone. Just think that you've already told everyone you're on holidays. So don't worry, they won't be expecting an answer now anyway!

If you have a work phone, disconnect it and leave it at home

If you have an exclusive phone for work it'll even be easier for you. When you start your holidays, just disconnect it and hide it in a drawer so it is not in sight.

If you're using WhatsApp or Telegram for work, mute all groups

We're not very keen on using WhatsApp for work purposes, because sometimes there are people who will expect your reply immediately, no matter the time of the day or if you're on holidays.

If you're in a work WhatsApp group or you talk with clients or suppliers, just mute these groups during holidays. You can also set up a message in your profile saying that you're on holidays.

Enjoy your time whether you want to spend it with family, friends or alone!

The best solution to disconnect is to be with your friends, enjoy your time and enjoy your life doing what you love. Take the opportunity to do everything you like and don't find the time to do when you're working.

Enjoy your partner, your children, your parents, your friends, yourself... Disconnect to come back with more energy than ever!

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