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2018 - Actualitat

Bold Valuable Tech

The challenge

Create a strong, forward-looking brand and a website that stands out in the motorsport and engineering industry

Overview of the project

Bold is a company based in Montmeló, which specializes in high-performance electric batteries and engineering applied to the automotive industry. From its beginnings, when Bernat Carreras (CEO and founder) created the company until today, when the company has 160+ workers, we have been their trusted partner.

We work on their website, branding and corporate material design.

Creating a brand from scratch: technology, professionalism and solidity

We focused on embodying Bold’s essential concepts and values: quality, innovation, technology and vision for the future.

We created a logo that conveyed solidity: with a sans-serif font and using upper case. We wanted to reinforce the concept of bold, which happens to be the name of the business. We thus managed to convey a modern, clean, but solid image.

The defined color palette has ranges of blues and reds that are not classic, but dynamic, bright and vibrant. We also use gradients to give three-dimensionality to the symbol and reinforce its more technological aspect.

Disseny del logotip i la identitat de marca de Bold
Bold vol portar la tecnologia de la Formula 1 al gran mercat
Cotxe de Fórmula 1

A scalable design and website

Bold was born in 2018 and has grown at a breakneck pace. The brand identity had to be strong enough to keep pace with the company’s growth. At the same time, however, the corporate materials and the web had to be scalable and versatile, so as not to be left behind in the face of Bold’s new challenges. That’s how it has been.

Disseny i programació web per Bold Valuable Tech

A modern website that  fits into the cutting edge technology sector

Bold is a company that is at the cutting edge of technology. And as such, its website is constantly evolving. In 2018, we created the first version, with the vision of promoting a startup that was just being born. It has evolved over time. In 2024 we did a comprehensive redesign. 

Mòbil amb el disseny responsive de la web de Bold