The challenge

Create a new website to improve the UX and modernize the brand. For Cuideo, the web is a vital marketing tool, since recruitment is 100% online.

Vista de la web de Cuideo en diferents dispositius

Overview of the project

Cuideo is a start-up that facilitates the relationship between families and carers of elderly people. In an under-professionalized sector, Cuideo makes a difference. It makes it easier for families to find qualified carers and offers these carers job opportunities. They needed a website that made it easy to connect carers with families.

Pàgina web de Cuideo

Designing a usable, beautiful and scalable website

For this project we started with clear requirements: it had to be a usable, attractive website, but also fast, scalable and stable. In partnership with mmxstudio we developed the website based on Drupal, with a content manager that allows total independence of administration by the client.

Another primary factor for Cuideo, is its conversion rate from traffic to leads. This is why the website with that goal in mind from the beginning, so that all pages lead to an information request form. This guaranteed that the overall conversion rate was as high as possible.

Projecte web per Cuideo
Projecte web per Cuideo