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Digital Design


2016 - Present

Directia Travel

The challenge

Design their website and be their trusted partner in a very wide range of areas, from design and branding to copywriting or SEO

Overview of the project

We started working with Directia Travel in 2016, when they needed to redesign the website. Since then we have worked side by side in multiple areas: branding, copywriting and the design of their website and their internal management platform.

Web de Directia Travel
Web de Directia Travel

Brand redesign: usability and conversion

One of the projects we worked on was the redesign of the website. Being a 100% digital agency, it was essential for them to have an intuitive, usable, modern, fast website that is trustworthy.

The redesign project had two goals: on the one hand to modernize the overall aesthetic and on the other to update the copywriting to establish a more direct and approachable tone. It all had to be done with the brand’s main goal in mind: having a website that converts traffic into leads.

We designed the website always keeping in mind that the destinations and itineraries (which are the products) were the most important part. But the quote form was the one that had to close deals. So this form had to be as clear, friendly and transparent as possible.


Web de Directia Travel

Bringing value to travelers through content

The Directia Travel blog has two goals: to be a powerful tool for SEO positioning and, at the same time, to provide value to customers. We publish useful and valuable information to accompany the user in the purchase decision process and position the company as an expert in the destinations with which Directia Travel works.

Content creation is therefore a key element in Directia Travel’s SEO strategy. The contents are created with a prior keyword research in mind and the contents are written so that they are optimized based on the keyword for which they want to position.

Versió responsive de la web de Directia Travel

Branding: a brand that makes you travel

We developed the branding for Directia Travel, based on an already predefined logo. With a new palette of colors and graphic style we seek to convey the freshness and modernity that a young and 100% online company needs.

The inspiration for building the color palette could not be other than the turquoise colors of the paradisiacal beaches of Southeast Asia.