La Farinera Sant Lluís




Grup Una Pipa

The challenge

To design a website that conveys luxury and exclusivity. That demonstrates all the limitless possibilities of La Farinera Sant Lluís. And that it does so in an elegant, clear way and with the perfect balance between classic and modern style.

Overview of the project

La Farinera Sant Lluís is a property of 130 hectares with its own lake, gardens and forests. A dream place for anyone – both individuals and companies – who want to prepare truly unique events. Without limits. And this is exactly what we wanted to convey with the new website. A website focused on user experience. So that whoever visits it lets their imagination run wild!

Disseny web responsiu amb WordPress per La Farinera Sant Lluís

Magic happens in magic places, also on their website

La Farinera’s slogan is magic happens in magic places. From the first moment, we knew for sure that their site had to share the same values. Through web design we wanted to convey exclusivity. As if you were in a magical place where everything is possible.

One website, four different target audiences

La Farinera’s website is aimed at 4 very different audiences: couples who want to celebrate a wedding, businesses who want to hold an event, people who want to hold a retreat or companies who want to rent the space for a shoot.

Through the UI and some well-worked copies we manage to reach each and every one of La Farinera’s audiences. So that everyone can easily see the potential and possibilities of the property.

Copywriting per la web de La Farinera Sant Lluís
Disseny i programació web per La Farinera Sant Lluís