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Hotel Costabella

The challenge

To create a new branding. Modern, familiar, welcoming. To design a new website which was emotional and functional. A website that encourages users to make their reservations there instead of using big platforms like Booking.

Overview of the project

Anyone who knows Girona will be familiar with Hotel Costabella. A family hotel opened in 1967, which is located right in front of the Trueta Hospital. We were commissioned to redesign their branding and website. A change that modernized the look&feel of the hotel but that, at the same time, kept its historical essence.

Disseny de targetes per l'hotel Costabella
Disseny de material corporatiu, com la carta del restaurant

A brand identity that fuses modernity with history

For Hotel Costabella’s branding, we chose to break the rules. In the logo, we combine letters with sans serif typography – modern, clean and minimalist – with serif typography – classic, chic and stylish – to give it its own personality. This is how we combine modern with classic.

In the color palette we use warm black, terracotta and stone colors to reinforce the sense of comfort. A feeling that everyone loves when staying away from home.

Logotip de l'Hotel Costabella de Girona

A website that makes you feel at home

We all know websites like Booking and the vast majority of us have booked at some point through this type of platform. Mainly, because most hotels choose not to take sufficient care of their own website.

With Hotel Costabella we have created a clean and modern website, but with a personal copywriting that steps away from the big booking companies. A website that, both in terms of design and content,  conveys trust and warmth to customers. 

Disseny web per l'Hotel Costabella
Disseny web responsive per l'hotel Costabella
Material gràfic per l'Instagram: Sant Valentí is coming
Material gràfic per l'Instagram: Hola tardor
Material gràfic per l'Instagram: Feels like home