Jaime Prous Architects



Jaime Prous Architects

The challenge

Design a website that reflects the studio's personality. Minimalism, clarity, transparency and precision.

Overview of the project

Jaime Prous Architects, an architecture studio founded in 2015, commissioned us to design their website with the aim of making it the online showcase that their works deserve. A web design that has special care of proportions, symmetries and white spaces.

Programació web per un estudi d'arquitectura
Disseny adaptat a mòbils i tauletes

Simplicity, the main trait

From the beginning of the project we knew for sure that minimalism and simplicity had to be the main characteristics of Jaime Prous site in order to match the studio’s philosophy. We also wanted to reflect this simplicity in web browsing itself.

A usable website, where the works of the studio were one of the fundamental pillars.

Autonomy when creating new projects

The website was also created so that from the Jaime Prous studio team could have autonomy when uploading new projects or when they needed to make small changes to their website. This gives the client a great sense of freedom, an essential requirement when creating this website.

Disseny web per Jaime Prous architects
Disseny minimalista i net per la web