Medkids by Medplaya




The challenge

Create a new brand designed especially for Medplaya's youngest customers: kids. This is how MedKids was born.

Overview of the project

Medplaya is a hotel chain with hotels all over the Catalan coast, Benidorm and on the Costa del Sol. They needed a branding to represent Medkids. This brand had to represent the activities organized specially for children. The brand had to have a distinctly youthful character, but keep the essence of Medplaya at the same time.


Meddy, MedKids's friendly mascot

With illustrator Max Saladrigas we created a new mascot to accompany the MedKids brand. MedPlaya had long ago had a mascot based on a starfish, and we wanted to bring it back to create this cute mascot. The mascot had to be easily convertible into a costume since it was also reproduced on a human scale for the hotel chain’s animation teams to use.

That’s why we opted for a humanoid shape that would allow us to illustrate the mascot doing various activities that take place in the hotel: bathing, playing football, playing ping-pong, etc.

MedTeens, the teens version

After MedKids, MedTeens was born. This was another branch of Medplaya focused on teenagers. In this case we started from the same graphic style defined for MedKids, but we evolved it so that it had a more youthful and not so childish aesthetic.

Medplaya Family, a brand for families

To complete the project, a new sub-brand was created. A grand that grouped all the activities focused on a family audience: MedPlaya Family. A brand that was to be associated with the new MedKids brand. Hence why we used Meddy’s starfish for the badge.

Segell Medfamily