The challenge

Redesigning a brand with 50 years of history. Modernize it and evolve it.

Overview of the project

Rebugent is a construction company and real estate consultant with more than 50 years of history. A family business that wanted to maintain its essence but with the vision of new generations.

We have created a new brand and web identity that positions Rebujent as a modern company with a high interest on new construction techniques and sustainability.

Manual d'identitat visual de Rebujent

Old logo, from the 00s

New logo

El nou logotip de Rebujent, estrenat l'any 2023

From literal to conceptual: modernizing the logo

The new brand identity is based on cleaner and simpler shapes. The symbol, now much more conceptual, is based on the version of 50 years ago. We used old-style construction tools as the main concept to design a house-like shaped logo.

El nou logotip de Rebujent
Color de marca Pool blue (turquesa)
Color de marca Sandy white (blanc trencat)

Moving forward with respect for the past

Rebujent is a brand that has already undergone several redesigns over the years. It was important that the branding remained identifying. That it respected, in a certain way, the chromatic range and the original idea.

Reformem habitatges singulars en el disseny d'una tanca publicitària

A new website that takes you to your ideal home

The UX/UI, the copywriting and the look & feel of the website main goal was to make you feel comfortable, as if you were at home. As if you were about to discover your new home or a new lifestyle to look up to. SEO was also a key aspect of this website. It had to be taken into consideration while writing all the content and structuring the website architecture.

Disseny UI / UX de la web de Rebujent
Disseny responsive per la web de Rebujent
Demanar pressupost des del mòbil és molt fàcil gràcies al disseny web responsiu